In my search for freedom and independence in photography I have always done both commercial work and artistic photography. Pure photography to order for public relations and advertising creates space for me to work without compromise in my artistic photography. In both disciplines I pursue the maximum of my capabilities.

In my autonomous work I am not necessarily looking for beautiful pictures; I want to show something. Preferably situations as everyday as possible, because there it is revealed how we model our surroundings and with that ourselves.

Just in places where nothing happens all sorts of things are going on.

As much as possible I try to give up my opinion of how it should be and what I think. The only thing I plan is the place where I start. Often in cities; the dynamic of a city reflects the whole of society. By placing the photos next to each other they intensify that content and composition.

I walk around with my camera with the only purpose of taking pictures when something triggers. I myself am in the middle of the image. The camera seldom finds itself at eye level. There is no plan, only a “click”. The camera angle is defined by how fast I aim at a subject and set the distance. Because a moment never comes back again, a cross roads in a city never looks the same twice….

Geek Zwetsloot photographer 1954


Campagnes for clients such as  Cargill, Fedex, Unilever, KLM, the dutch government, Randstad, several big dutch media outlets and many others

Rossocinabro gallery Roma

Kiss Spaarndam

Cuba street life special outside landscape expositions.

Exposition portraits of Dutch composers/streetlife  in Grand Palais Paris.

Streetlife Birma and Thailand  in Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.

Serveral expositions with 16 Compositions with tulips